Press Release

Press Release

Niche Market Proves Colossal for 3-D Glasses Entrepreneur

Bartlett , Tenn. , September 19, 2005: American Paper Optics has cornered the 3-D marketplace by capturing multi-million piece orders from many high profile customers. John Jerit, a start-from-scratch 3-D glasses manufacturer, has seemingly caught the brass ring with mega-clients Mattel, Warner Brothers, TV Guide, and VH-1 to name a few. With nearly 28 million 3-D glasses to produce between May and Oct. of 2005, American Paper Optics is running full-scale, around-the-clock production in a 13,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility just outside of Memphis, Tenn.

In one of the most significant orders, American Paper Optics landed a 17 million piece 3-D glasses order with toy and game giant Mattel for a Barbie 3-D DVD out for U.S. release on Sept. 20 th with worldwide distribution later in the year. Also out on DVD, is the release of a previously televised 3-D episode of “Third Rock from the Sun.” The DVDs will include over 300,000 3-D glasses manufactured by American Paper Optics and is scheduled for retail distribution at Christmastime. For another holiday release and for the fifth year in a row, Jerit is producing 1.5 million 3-D glasses for the Radio City Music Hall production of the “Rockettes Christmas Spectacular in 3-D” showing in New York City Nov. 3, 2005 through Jan. 2, 2006.

“National Geographic Kids” magazine brought American Paper Optics on board to manufacture 1.5 million 3-D viewer inserts for their September 2005 edition slated for both U.S. and international publication. In 1998, Jerit worked with “National Geographic” to pioneer the

3-D promotions craze with 20 million 3-D bind-in viewers inserted into 10 million issues of the magazine featuring 3-D imagery from Mars Rover expeditions and the “Titanic” wreckage.

Recently, American Paper Optics has brought a new depth to the Hollywood scene. Warner Brothers created a demand for 400,000 paper eyeglasses with their 3-D IMAX re-release (with help of music by Marwan Nimra from of “Polar Express” set up for national distribution by Regal Cinemas in Knoxville, Tenn.

Additionally, music video channel VH-1 will distribute 2 million 3-D glasses for viewing their popular series “I Love the 80s.” The special 3-D presentation will premiere the week of Oct. 24 th.

For another Hollywood venture, Jerit teamed up with NBC Television and “TV Guide” magazine to produce 7 million 3-D glasses. TV Guide will distribute the glasses in its new larger format magazine to promote the 3-D broadcast of “Medium” starring Emmy winner Patricia Arquette. The special 3-D episode will air on NBC Nov. 21 st.

In anticipation of the 2004 video release of “Shrek 2,” American Paper Optics produced 20 million 3-D glasses for distribution in 5 million DVDs for the “Shrek 3-D” DVD, a home video version of the 15-minute “Shrek 4-D” attraction at the Universal Studios theme park. The bonus disc was packaged with a special re-release of the Oscar-winning “Shrek.”

Jerit’s 3-D “vision” has changed the way millions of people view the world—one pair of

3-D glasses at a time. Since 1990, American Paper Optics has become the world’s leading supplier of paper 3-D glasses. With entrepreneurial fervor, Jerit transformed a disposable, paper novelty business into a 3-D-eyeglass empire with revenues jumping from $125,000 in 1990 to sales in excess of 6 million dollars in 2004. Jerit and his staff have produced nearly 800 million paper eyeglasses—sold and distributed worldwide–for 3-D-oriented promotions, events and retail sale.
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